Stratégie Grains attended the European Commodity Exchange at Valencia

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The Consulate of La Lonja organised the 62nd European Commodities Exchange in Valencia on the 6th and 7th October 2022 – as Spain is one of the leading importers of grain, as well as EU commodities and feed production.

Stratégie Grains has always been proud to exhibit at ECE to meet with clients and the various actors of the agri-commodity community. The executive and analyst team interacted with industry actors to discuss future trends in global agri-commodity markets.

This year, we were delighted to host an exclusive grain and oilseed outlook to share exclusive forecasts and analysis for market year 22-23; followed by drinks and Spanish tapas with the audience.

Hémeline Macret and Benoit Fayaud, Executive and co-executive directors at Stratégie Grains, delivered an outstanding presentation on global grain and oilseed markets.

‘Global grain and oilseed production levels are expected at a high level in 2022/23, despite the impact of heatwaves and drought on corn and sunseed productions. The growth in feed, food and industrial demand should be limited by a struggling global economy. Global stocks should therefore rise in the oilseed and grain sectors, and put pressure on prices’.

The Stratégie Grains team will be back next year to exhibit at ECE 2023 in Varsaw. We look forward to meeting with you again.